What we do

We make and create Feel-Good products using all our own recipes that are suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans. Please read the ingredients list before purchasing. 

Our products range from Roll ons to sprays and creams, blending ingredients that are known for their calming and soothing qualities. A huge amount of knowledge about the benefits of an array of oils is considered for each product that may bring about some relief. 


Bottles of healthy tincture or infusion, mortar and bowls of medicinal herbs on wooden table. Herbal medicine.


Our knowledge on the benefits of oils is a combination of learning about them during several courses, creating bespoke creams and oils for people over many years. We are constantly updating ourselves on new information gathered from books, articles and the thousands of websites available on the subject. With the incredible feed-back from customers who have used our products we went on to produce an array of blends aimed at helping to relieve some of the symptoms.

All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring we only use organic or wild crafted wherever possible.  We are a passionate bunch when it comes to quality. We are also passionate about using all natural, never using any additives, unnatural colourants, synthetic perfumes, parabens, or any other ingredients that can be harmful to the skin and body. 


None of the natural products we sell are classed as licensed medicines but they are considered safe. We advise you to use all products in moderation and watch for allergic reactions. If you have an allergic reaction to any product, STOP using it immediately.

The statements on or with our products should not be considered as medical advice.

If you have a health condition or are taking any medication, are pregnant, breastfeeding or concerned in any way, then we would advise to consult a medical doctor or natural practitioner before taking any herbs, supplements or superfoods.


We hope you enjoy using natural products. Should you have any query about any of our products, we’d love to hear from you and be happy to answer your questions. Many natural blessings from your ‘FeelGoodCorner’ team