About our Products

All of our products are hand-made, using our own recipes. We are passionate about quality and using only natural ingredients, using organic or wild crafted wherever possible.  We use absolutely no artificial ingredients, they are free of parabens, colouring, preservatives or chemicals. We create and blend our products in small batches to ensure fresh quality. 

The majority of our products are Vegan friendly, but some of the healing balms contain Bees wax to aid the healing process and therefore those are Vegetarian friendly only. 


Variety of fresh herbs, calendula and oils for massage and aromatherapy. Selective focus.

With a passion for the environment we try to keep our packaging for our products simple and recyclable, either by the reuse of the container by our customers or being able to recycle it via refuse collections.  The welfare of our beautiful planet is very much a focus on our work ethos.