Welcome to our ‘FeelGoodCorner’

We at FeelGoodCorner produce various natural products for the wellbeing of all the family.

We are a family run business with a combined experience of 40 years in the Holistic field. With the knowledge and experience accumulated we are pleased to offer you a range of products that may underpin any health regime you are undertaking.  We use a combination of herbs and oils, natural bees wax as well as nourishing butters to aid in restoring a natural equilibrium. At FeelGoodCorner we have a passion for Nature and all of it’s amazing qualities it has to offer.  We carefully source only natural ingredients for all of our products. 

With our ever changing world and an increase in stress and environment related skin conditions we have created some balms that will help soothe the irritations during flare ups.

We also offer a range of products that are carefully blended oils that are known for their healing attributes and may help relieve some of the symptoms.

Our latest addition of products are aimed at the beauty aspect. A combination of highly nourishing oils and butters to lock in and add moisturize your skin. We add essential oils that enhance the skin moisturizing process as well as giving a pleasant smell. 

None of our products should be replaced by any prescribed medication from your physician, we advise to seek medical advice before using our natural products. 


What we do

We make and create Feel-Good products using all our own recipes.

Variety of fresh herbs, calendula and oils for massage and aromatherapy. Selective focus.


About our Products

                   Our products are all hand-made, using our own recipes, with only the best ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. 

Bottles of healthy infusion or oil, mortars and bowls of medicinal herb, old book. Herbal medicine.



We offer handmade, 100% natural herbals and beauty products.


We hope you enjoy browsing our products. We would love to hear from and welcome any feedback or questions!