Welcome to our 'FeelGoodCorner'

FeelGoodCorner provides various natural products for the wellbeing of all the family. We are a group of therapists, who, together have decades of experience using herbals, healing and an array of different therapies. Our products only contain natural ingredients and we use organic or wild crafted where ever possible.

Although new to the UK, our company has been active for the past 20 years in Guernsey, France and Cyprus. Now we are in the UK bringing our product range to you with the knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm to back up our actions.

Bottles of healthy tincture or infusion, mortar and bowls of medicinal herbs on wooden table. Herbal medicine.


None of the natural products we sell are classed as licensed medicines but they are considered safe.

Variety of fresh herbs, calendula and oils for massage and aromatherapy. Selective focus.

About our Products

Our products are all hand-made, using our own recipes, with only the best ingredients sourced from good suppliers which we have used for years.

Bottles of healthy infusion or oil, mortars and bowls of medicinal herb, old book. Herbal medicine.


We offer handmade, 100% natural herbals and beauty products.

We are committed to quality and take the wellbeing of our customers very seriously. We welcome you and hope you enjoy our range of products that are unique. Not to add pressure to the already ailing environment we keep our packaging to a minimum but not at the cost of the quality. Thank you for your visit. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future Your 'FeelGoodCorner' team